Aegina, Athenians all year round go-to destination

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We all know Aegina, the beautiful island of the Saronic Gulf. Some of us because of the famous pistachio, but most of us because it is always there. It’s there in the winter, it’s there during summer, it’s there when you have nowhere else to go; It is always there for you...

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How many of us have organised a last-minute visit to this island because of it being a neighbouring escape? Aegina’s close proximity to Athens and its authentic island life are enough for this small land to have its own loyal fans.

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Aegean house

Imagine the freedom of escaping the city’s heat and everyday stress when the ferry blows its horns and the Saronic winds hit your face; yet 50 minutes later you have arrived on an island with its own distinct history, ready to enjoy your little escape.

Let’s hear more about this gem in Greece from Elina Argyri, the Founder of, a portal where travellers can find all necessary information about the island, from hotel suggestions to cultural activities. It’s interesting to highlight that Elina was not born in Aegina; although she did spend all her summers there with her family, made friends along the way, laughed, fell in love and explored nature.

You don’t have to be a local to love a place; You just have to create memories. Then, it kind of becomes yours.

“I have spent all my summers in Aegina. All my carefree periods, when all feelings were intense; love, friendship, family bonding, happiness, freedom. I was not born in Aegina but does it really matter? My grandfather built a house in Aeginitissa, back in the ’60s and it soon became our family’s meeting point”.

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We Love Aegina

Elina has spent precious moments on the island and made lifetime memories. As she was growing up, she realized this gem on the Saronic Gulf has so many things to offer besides a summer vacation. “There is so much history here. Ancient temples, monasteries, museums, local festivals, charming little villages, and beautiful resorts. The island has so many things to show! This is how We LoveAegina began; it aims to re-introduce Aegina to Greeks and people worldwide properly”.

Elina already covered the next part of our discussion: what makes Aegina so special? It’s so easily accessible from Athens, and the ticket prices are very low. Moreover, it covers all kinds of travellers: adventurers, as it has many hiking options and beautiful nature to explore; culture and history lovers, due to its rich history, the architectural monuments and museums, the ones who love water activities, the young travellers who need a vibrant nightlife and of course, it’s ideal for families.

“It literally has something for everyone”.

Aegina is an all-year destination and breaks the belief that islands are only for the summer period.

“Aegina is an ideal place to relax, to spend a few days away from the busy everyday city life. You will also find many restaurants and cafes open during winter and autumn; people gather around a fireplace, enjoying food together”.

Digging Elina’s blog, I discovered so many reasons why someone should visit the island all year long. Aegina has its own Easter customs, during Christmas, there are various kids’ activities and in autumn you can explore the island without the summer heat!

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What would people find in We Love Aegina

Travellers will find useful information about the island in both English and Greek. People can book their ferry tickets and accommodation, and they will also find details on everything they would like to do, from activities and festival info to the best places to eat and have drinks or coffee. Lastly, the portal has gathered all useful phone numbers from local authorities, and under the category Blog, you can read interesting stories about the island written by locals or by people who have lived on the island.

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Where to eat in Aegina

Where to eat in Aegina

  • For traditional food, head to Nontas at Perdika
  • For fresh fish or fish bites, go to Ahivadaki at Vroheia, at Aeginitissa or at Saronis at Perdika
  • For meat lovers, FouFou in the main town is the option, and for those seeking home-made traditional food, head to Babis.

You can find more food options here.

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Where to stay in Aegina

Where to stay in Aegina

There are various accommodation options for travellers, depending on what you are after. The main town is always a good option, Vagia is a charming quiet village, whilst Agia Marina, Perdika and Souvala are organized tourist resorts. You can find all types of accommodation here.

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Must see in Aegina

Must-see in Aegina

If you only have a few days ahead, what should you do? Elina narrows it down and suggests her personal favourites.

  • Aphea Temple is the most important monument on the island. It ages back to 500 BC, which, along with the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, form the Sacred Triangle of antiquity.
  • Enjoy local fresh fish at one of the many tavernas offering beautiful sea views.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking island’s sunset and experience the unique light of Aegina.
  • Watch a movie in one of the summer movie theatres.
  • Get advice from the portal on which beaches are the best to visit that fit your needs and tastes.

Aegina stole Elina’s heart, and we are sure it’s going to do the same for you!

*Images courtesy of We Love Aegina 

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