'Neighbours' Star Who Married Her Stepbrother in Mykonos Reveals She's Earning a Fortune on OnlyFans

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Scarlet Vas, known for her portrayal of policewoman Mishti Sharma on the Australian soap opera 'Neighbours', has unveiled a surprising source of income.

The actress, who bid farewell to Ramsay Street in 2018, has disclosed that she's amassed a substantial fortune by sharing sultry content on the adult subscription platform OnlyFans, alongside her stepbrother-turned-husband, Tayo Ricci, whom she married on the Greek island of Mykonos last September.

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Initially modest in her earnings after joining OnlyFans, Vas recounted on the Uncensored Podcast with Mario Adrion that her venture into the platform didn't yield substantial returns at first. However, her financial fortunes swiftly changed, with her monthly earnings soaring to nearly $200,000. Vas attributes part of her success to the involvement of her stepbrother, Tayo Ricci, who also maintains a presence on OnlyFans.

Despite the eyebrow-raising nature of their relationship, Scarlet and Tayo have capitalised on their notoriety, with their unusual union garnering significant attention. When asked about the nature of their content, the couple coyly admitted to teasing their fans with suggestive material, but dismissed rumours of engaging in explicit acts typical of adult entertainment.

The couple's journey took a romantic turn when they tied the knot in a picturesque ceremony in Mykonos, Greece. However, their nuptials, captured in videos shared on social media, left some viewers cringing, particularly a clip showing the pair energetically dancing to Psy's "Gangnam Style."

vas story groundDespite any controversies, Scarlet Vas continues to thrive in her newfound entrepreneurial pursuit, leveraging her fame and personal life for financial gain on the digital platform.

(Source: Daily Mail UK)

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