Greek mother of 6 children, Marianna Lazarou passes university entrance exams to study medicine

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Greek mother of 6 children, Marianna Lazarou, from Kavala, who participated in the Pan-Hellenic Examinations scored an amazing19,000 points, passing university entrance exams and securing a place at the Medical School of the Democritus University of Thrace, in Alexandroupolis.

"I read at every opportunity, even during my half-hour break. I was focused on my goal. I was worried, just like the other students, because I wanted to read over the material again and I succeeded." said Lazarou during an interview with Fai Mavragani, on the Greek TV programme "Studio with view" of ANT1.

"It's like I've gained a second youth, like I'm 18 years old again," said the mother of 6, talking about her immediate goals, "I hope everything goes well. My entire focus and efforts are to do well by my studi at Medical School".

Regarding her daily life from now on, she noted that "I will go to Kavala - Alexandroupoli - Kavala on the same day. It is 1 hour and 15 minutes via Egnatia Odos. I have to work to support my family, my husband also works. I hope I also find understanding from where I work, so that I can put it all together."

"I have both the will and the understanding to study.  I don't stop being a woman because I've reached 51 years of age. The goal is to study and graduate. With God's help, I would like to study general medicine, because my goal is to give to the community and not see it as 'work' " noted Marianna Lazarou.

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