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Acclaimed composer Mikis Theodorakis, an advocate of peace and international law


Renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis made a statement about the current tension in Greek-Turkish relations.

In the statement published on Friday, Theodorakis said he accepts that in the distant past he was a champion of Greek-Turkish friendship, but he states the “conditions at that time have absolutely nothing to do with today.”

It is not uncommon for the Greek composer to publicly express his opinion on important issues concerning the nation,

“Today, when the Turkish frigates are sailing in Greek waters in the Aegean (….) Mr. Erdogan behaves as if he is seeking a military incident (not to mention the terrible problems we have been facing for a long time from the criminal treatment of refugees who are transported by their hundreds to our islands under inhumane conditions by Turkish traffickers with the full coverage and assistance of the current Turkish state),” the internationally renowned composer said.

Theodorakis clarified that he will always be an advocate of peace and international law: “I am and will always be in favour of the peaceful coexistence of our two peoples, but always on the condition of reciprocity, mutual understanding and mutual respect for the territorial integrity and independence of each state. Today, the Greek people are facing a highly aggressive and threatening policy from Erdogan’s Turkey, and I, as a Greek, cannot but be a soldier defending our rights and integrity.”


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