Agrinio: Man faked his own robbery to avoid wedding

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An unprecedented story unfolded in Agrinio and has now been transferred to the courtrooms.

It all started in May 2019 when in a apartment in Agrinio, Western Greece, an event that could have been scripted in Hollywood took place.

Two hooded men broke into a couple's house and when one of the occupants, a man, saw them, they tied him up, gagged him and left him unconscious.

They were motivated to seize jewellery, money and other items. The man was found by relatives who were looking for him and was transported to Agrinio Hospital for treatment.

The most shocking dimension, however, concerned the forced cancellation of the victim's wedding, which was scheduled two days after the robbery. The man was robbed shortly before going to the pre-wedding party of the two families.

A few months later, in November 2019 , the victim allegedly fell into many contradictions in the context of the investigation of the Agrinio Police and confessed that the robbery never took place.

No one tied him up and no one stole anything from the house. He claimed, however, that there was a beating by another person but the motive was not robbery, but other personal reasons.

He allegedly admitted that he made a mistake by not telling the whole truth but - he claimed that - he invented the robbery to justify the beating because he was ashamed that the bride's family would found out the truth on what happened to him.

Following this development, the Agrinio Police filed a case against the victim and forwarded it to the prosecutor, who in turn prosecuted him for forgery.

His now ex-fiancée sued him.

The main victim of the whole unprecedented case in any case is the woman who saw her marriage abruptly annulled one day before it took place.

For many months she was convinced that a robbery had taken place as she did not know the truth. She is now convinced that the incident happened so that the wedding would not take place.

She even notes that the missing items of the alleged robbery that belonged to her were not even returned to her.

But now the time of the trial for forgery in the Three-Member Misdemeanor Court of Agrinio has arrived, keeping in mind that two adjournments of the trial preceded this current one.

"My Clerk, having absolute respect for the administration of justice, in its work, as well as in the work of the pre-investigation officers of the Agrinio Security Sub-Directorate and for reasons that will be exposed during the trial of his case pending in the Three-Member Misdemeanor Court in Agrinio, was hospitalised at the General Hospital of Agrinio, where he was diagnosed with a concussion, without having falsely accused anyone with both his initial and his supplementary testimony, and we are convinced of his innocence," the defendant's lawyer claimed, according to Agrinio News.

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