Vicky Kavoura and Georgios Tzavellas are a couple

By 7 months ago

The quiet relationship Vicky Kavouras is in was revealed by a report on the show "Our Breakfast" on Wednesday. According to what was said on air, the actress is in a relationship with the AEK football player Georgios Tzavellas.

Reportedly, both are keen to keep a low profile regarding their relationship.

As a journalist of the show mentioned, neither Kavoura or Tzavellas want their relationship to be discussed, while also revealing how they met.

More specifically, the reporter said:

"Because Vicky Kavoura has suffered from the publicity of her previous relationships, she had told me that the spotlight was hurting her. From what I can tell they are very good together. Haris Sianidis is responsible for this, as they met at an event he organised in Glyfada".

Earlier, in the same show, the relationship of Nikos Economopoulos, ex-partner of Vicky, with the model Asimenia Kamtsi was also confirmed. This is the woman who stars in the music video for his song, "Shouldn't".

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