Almost 23,000 traffic violations across Greece from April 9 to 15

greek police car traffic violations

In 105,448 checks carried out from April 9 to 15 throughout Greece by police, with a total of 22,896 traffic violations confirmed, according to the data of the Ministry of Citizen Protection. 67% of the violations relate to speeding, illegal parking, not wearing a helmet or seatbelt, and not having a license.

In detail, the violations confirmed by region are: 3,307 in Thessaloniki, 3,276 in Attica, 2,531 in Thessaly, 2,362 in Crete, 2,073 in Western Greece, 1,697 in Central Macedonia, 1,411 in Central Greece, 1,399 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 1,382 in Epirus, 1,254 in the Peloponnese, 723 in the North Aegean, 566 in the Ionian Islands, 479 in the South Aegean and 436 in Western Macedonia.

In particular, the infringements confirmed concern: 6,997 for illegal parking, 5,784 for excessive speed. 193 for movement in the opposite traffic flow, 162 for irregular maneuvers, 131 for irregular overtaking, 114 for worn tires, 107 for not keeping a safe distance, 97 for noise, 53 for opposing movement on a one-way street, 42 for violation of priority, 40 for overloading load dimensions, 36 for exhaust gases, 31 for improper use of lights, 24 for driver distraction, 24 for traffic signal violation, 18 for not using child seats, 17 for not driving on the right side of the road, 12 for driving in the left lane, three for lack of seat belt and 4,722 other violations.

In addition, targeted actions and specialised traffic controls of the Attica Traffic Directorate were carried out on a daily basis throughout the week of April 10 to 16, 2023, in the area of ​​the coastal Athens-Sounio road, with the aim of dealing with improvised races, as well as other dangerous violations that lead to traffic accidents, disrupt the safety of transportation and the smooth and safe movement of citizens.

A total of 364 traffic checks of drivers and vehicles were carried out, 257 violations were confirmed, for which the corresponding administrative fines were imposed.

In more detail, the violations confirmed were: 31 for not using a seat belt, 21 for exceeding the speed limit, 14 for not wearing a helmet, 11 for using mobile phones, 11 for irregular maneuvers, eight for violating a red light, seven for not having a license ability to drive, six for driving under the influence of alcohol, two for display of skills, one for noise violations and 145 for other violations.

In addition, 10 pairs of number plates, 37 driving licenses and 33 driving licenses were confiscated and one vehicle was towed.

As the Ministry of Citizen Protection points out, police attaches particular importance to road safety issues and in this context the controls will continue with undiminished intensity, with the aim of reducing traffic accidents and accidents.

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