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Greece is the strongest it has been in many years and will not be provoked by Turkey


Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas while speaking to Antenna, reassured that Greece will not be provoked by Turkey and is in the strongest position it has been in for years.

“It’s one thing to be provocative and another to be strong. We are doing what is necessary to defend our sovereign rights. We have calmness and a responsible attitude and this is what all Greeks have seen in practice and not in words,” said Petsas, referring to the escalation of Turkish provocations against Greece.

The government spokesman also sent a clear message, saying “When we use different expressions for foreign policy, we have to be careful. We must not reproduce Turkish propaganda.”

“Greece is currently in the strongest position it has been in previous years, developing bilateral and multilateral contacts. This was proved at the end of February-beginning of March at Evros, but is also proven everyday with our responsible attitude in all international forums,” he continued.

Regarding the new exit of Turkish drilling rigs in the Eastern Mediterranean, the government spokesman said: “Turkish provocative actions in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Cypriot Economic Exclusion Zone have been condemned. The invalid memorandum signed by Turkey with the Libyan government has been condemned.”

When discussing the recital of excerpts from the Qur’an in Hagia Sophia, Petsas described the action as provocative.

“It has been condemned by the international community, not just by us, but by the State Department. It is not just a matter of Greeks and Christians in general. It is a matter of insulting a monument of world cultural heritage, which symbolises much, much more than a propaganda fiesta,” he said.

Joining Petsas, the Greek Foreign Ministry also hit back at Turkey for the provocative move, saying “this action offends the international community and re-exposes Turkey,” as reported by Greek City Times.

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