Monika: Her new song in English is dedicated to the victims of the Tempi train collision

By 3 months ago

After eight whole years, Monika makes her return to singing in English.

Her new album "Proud" was released today. At the same time, we get a first taste of it through the track "I'm Nothing Without You".

It is a tender love ballad, with music and lyrics by her and Stavros Xenidis. In the song, she gives a modest but atmospheric performance.

The song:

"It's always the first song I put on in the car because it immediately puts me in a liberating mood and I forget," revealed the songwriter.

"I dedicate it to the memory of our fellow human beings who were lost so unjustly and cruelly. It's my way of honouring their unfulfilled dreams and the families they've broken.

"In these difficult days, I know it now more clearly than ever: we are nothing without each other, we have no choice but to hold hands in the thought of life which, whether they like it or not, insists and demands justification. I'm Nothing Without You."

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