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The Enigmatic 'Misirlou': Unraveling the Story Behind the Timeless Song

Misirlou was first aired in Athens around 1927 by Dimitris Patrinos, a musician from Smyrni. The song refers to a Christian’s love for a Muslim, a theme-taboo for that time and not only. The melody either existed before and was a familiar listening in the wider area of ​​the Ottoman Empire, or it is a group work of Patrinos’ band. The only sure thing is that Patrinos wrote the lyrics.
The international journey of the song began in 1930 by the US, with the release of Orthophonic album by Greek-American Titos Dimitriadis. In 1941 another Greek-American, musician Nikos Roubani changed his tone and melody, giving him the oriental sound he is known today. Make sure he has his name as composer of the song. As no one has disputed this right, Roubani appears as a composer of Misirllos all over the world except for Greece.