Anna Vissi sings in a supermarket in Skyros

Anna Vissi Skyros

While standing in front of a cash register in a supermarket, she heard the song "Lekes/Stains" on the speakers and immediately started singing.

Anna Vissi is in Skyros, as she revealed to her fans in a video shared on TikTok.

The singer visited the island and posted a video of herself in the supermarket.

While in front of the cash register, Vissi heard one of her songs, "Lekes." Immediately, she began to sing in front of the surprised audience while other customers crowded around her.

She even had a short conversation with the woman at the cash register.

Watch the video:


Welcome to Skiros 🙌🙌🙌🙌 In a supermarket…Lekes on the radio @Rythmos 949

♬ original sound - annavissiofficial

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