Christos Mastoras dances on TikTok while ironing his clothes

Christos Mastoras

The singer uploaded a video on TikTok in which he irons his clothes while dancing.

Like thousands of others, Christos Mastoras seems to follow trends on the popular social media platform and often posts videos on his account.

This time, he posted a video in which he is seen ironing his clothes while dancing. The song "Mazi sou," which he sings with his band, Melisses, can be heard.

In the video, he humorously writes, "When they tell you that they like regulars..."

Watch the video:


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♬ Mazi Sou - Melisses

Elsewhere, the patrons of "Enastron" on Saturday night experienced a special moment as Giorgos Margaritis performed a duet with Mastoras.

The acclaimed singer was on one of the first tables, and Mastoras came down from the stage and gave him the microphone.

Giorgos Margaritis sang the legendary hit "In Cell 33" with the Melisses frontman, and the people in the packed nightclub applauded them.

See the video:

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