Indie Playground Festival: Athens and Epidaurus Festival welcomes the summer with 2 days of alternative music

Kooba Tercu Indie

The "Indie Playground Festival vol.2" will take place at Piraeus 260.

With a two-day musical event dedicated to the contemporary independent Greek indie, alternative rock, pop and electronica scene, the "Indie Playground Festival vol.2", which will be held on June 1 and 2 at Playground 260 (behind Piraeus 260), will be hosted by the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in the summer.

The "Playground 260" stage will feature some of the best-known names in the alternative scene, such as Larry Gus, Kooba Tercu, Puta Volcano and more, in an explosive mix that is expected to captivate the audience for two nights full of fresh sounds and unassuming creativity!

"Indie Playground Festival vol.2" starts on Saturday, June 1, with the Athenian neo-psychedelic rock pioneers Whereswilder putting us in the mood and taking us on a summer road trip with elements of 70s soft rock, soul, and funk.

The baton will be taken by the explosive AMKA, who expand the boundaries of rock with punk, kraut, math, jazz and even pop elements.

Then, one of the favourites of the Athenian underground, Kooba Tercu, with its robust, danceable, and exotic sound, will seduce us into futuristic psychedelia.

At the same time, the evening will be closed by the heavy rocker Puta Volcano, who, with elements of hard rock, stoner and post-grunge, will excite us with dynamic vocals and elaborate orchestrations.

On Sunday, June 2nd, the stars will be electronic, synth-pop sounds and performances with post-modern features.

Metaman will start the second day of Indie Playground with a live electronics hardware experience, featuring a synthesiser, drum machine, and orchestral tracks with original Greek lyrics.

It will be followed by an interactive audiovisual show by PROMPT, which creates a fusion of sounds between pop, surprisingly fast rhythms and ambient soundscapes.

Then VASSIŁINA will put us in a punk melancholic soundscape with avant-pop, synth pop & electro-pop rhythms with intense dark electronic influences.

Indie Playground will open with Larry Gus's self-sarcastic, hyperactive, and chaotically improvised performance, which will use sample-based techniques and psychedelic pop melodies.


Puta Volcano | Kooba Tercu | AMKA | Whereswilder

Larry Gus | VASSIŁINA | Metaman | Prompt

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