Greece Lifts All COVID-19 Protective Measures Following Decline in Infections

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Greece's National Committee overseeing Public Health Emergencies has made the landmark decision to completely lift all COVID-19 protective measures. The announcement, made public on Monday, April 29, 2024, follows a thorough evaluation of the country's epidemiological situation during a meeting held last Thursday, April 25.

Based on the Committee's assessment of recent trends, including a significant decrease in coronavirus infections, hospital admissions, and intubations, coupled with an average of 6 deaths per week, it recommended the termination of emergency sanitary measures aimed at safeguarding public health against COVID-19.

While the decision marks a pivotal moment in Greece's fight against the pandemic, the Committee emphasised the ongoing need to protect vulnerable groups. It urged continued adherence to personal protection measures, updated vaccination schedules, and the prompt administration of antiviral treatments for those afflicted with the virus.

The lifting of measures extends to health structures, including hospitals and other public and private sector health establishments. However, provisions are in place for the adoption of case-by-case measures if warranted by specific data sets, with responsibility falling on the respective Infections Committees of the hospitals.

Additionally, specialised care units for the elderly, hospitals catering to the chronically ill, closed accommodation facilities for individuals with disabilities, and branches of Social Welfare Centres will continue to assess and implement supplementary measures in collaboration with relevant administrative bodies and healthcare personnel, taking into account local epidemiological factors.

(Source: Keep Talking Greece)

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