Greek government gives 400 million upgrade to 80 hospital units and 156 health centres


The Greek government has scheduled a 400 million upgrade for 80 hospital units and 156 health centres announced Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday.

The declaration came during Mitsotakis's visit to the Metaxa General Anticancer Hospital of Piraeus.

Accompanied by Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis and Alternate National Economy and Finance Minister Nikos Papathanassis, the prime minister was briefed on the ongoing renovation and modernization efforts at the hospital.

Mitsotakis articulated, "Step by step, we are building the new National Health System, which we have envisioned and which all Greek women and men deserve." He underscored the extensive nature of the construction project, encompassing numerous healthcare facilities throughout the country, with a budget surpassing 400 million euros.

The funding for this ambitious endeavor is drawn from the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RFF), totaling 36 billion euros, which Greece secured post-Covid to bolster economic growth and upgrade critical social infrastructure.

"As we approach the European elections, the paramount question lies in determining which political entity can best advocate for the rights of Greek citizens within the European Union," Mitsotakis asserted, highlighting the government's commitment to healthcare as a central theme of its electoral campaign.

Furthermore, Mitsotakis acknowledged additional funding sources, including the NSRF 2021-2027, which supports the energy upgrade of the Metaxa hospital, and initiatives such as staff recruitment and preventative screening programs, all backed by the RFF.

Expressing gratitude to healthcare workers, particularly for their dedication during the pandemic, Mitsotakis assured that the government was diligently providing support within fiscal constraints.

Health Minister Georgiadis echoed Mitsotakis's sentiments, emphasizing that the government is executing the most extensive program for a new National Health System. This initiative encompasses infrastructure improvements, acquisition of medical equipment, energy efficiency upgrades in public hospitals, reform implementation, and significant staff recruitment efforts aimed at delivering an improved healthcare system for all citizens.

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