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| On 10 months ago

Famous Sweet Foodtruck arrives in Athens

By Antonia Komarkowski

It’s time for a new love affair – something sweet and impossible to regret. Jerry’s Sweet Foodtruck has opened in Athens to take your love of all-things sweet to dizzying new heights.

With many of our favourite shops closed due the pandemic (thank you coronavirus), there weren’t many options to satisfy your sweet tooth, unless you were a chief in the kitchen.

But now Athenians can rejoice and indulge in the endless options from Jerry’s Sweet Foodtruck.

Jerry’s Foodtruck has the most delicious street food sweets, just ask the residents in Thessaloniki, Ioannina and Katerini!

But make sure you have studied the menu before you arrive, as it will take time for you to decide. Options include doughnuts, waffle donuts, doughnut balls, sweet burgers, kit kat birthday cakes and tsourekaki.

Some serious eye candy…

Goodbye diet.

Check them out on Instagram.


Antonia Komarkowski
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