Secret Support for Israeli Airstrikes in Gaza Allegedly Facilitated by British Base in Cyprus

Akrotiri British Base in Cyprus

Secret support for Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has been reportedly facilitated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) Akrotiri base in Cyprus, with assistance from the US Air Force. It is claimed that RAF conducted numerous flights to Tel Aviv, however, the exact extent of US involvement remains undisclosed.

This revelation has stirred concerns among British MPs, who question the lack of a formal mechanism for exchanging information regarding UK and US activities on the island. They argue that this not only disregards the Cypriot Government but could also potentially compromise the safety of its citizens.

These allegations cast a shadow over the operations at RAF Akrotiri, as it is situated in Cyprus but maintained by the British as a "sovereign base." The involvement of UK forces in secretly supporting Israeli airstrikes without the knowledge of the Cypriot Government is considered disrespectful and unacceptable by some. President Nikos Christodoulides and the Cypriot Government were reportedly unaware of these activities, further fueling concerns about transparency and accountability.

Source: Declassified UK

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