Greece Introduces 'MyCoast' App to Combat Beach Violations


In a bid to empower citizens and safeguard the integrity of its coastline, Greece has unveiled the 'MyCoast' app, allowing users to report beach violations with ease. The launch of the app was announced by Greek Economy & Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis and Digital Governance Minister Dimitris Papastergiou this week.

Accessible for free on smartphones and tablets, the 'MyCoast' app simplifies the process of reporting violations. Users simply activate GPS services, locate the beach on the map, and ascertain its concession status. If they observe restricted access or unauthorised installations such as excess sunbeds or umbrellas, they can swiftly file a complaint, accompanied by a brief description.

All complaints will be logged in the Economy Ministry's "Register of Coast and Beach Concessions" for review by relevant authorities. In the next phase, artificial intelligence technology will be deployed to monitor reported violations in real-time, enhancing enforcement capabilities.

The primary objectives of 'MyCoast' include ensuring equitable access to Greek beaches for all citizens, enhancing transparency in beach concessions, optimising the utilisation of public property, and promoting environmental conservation efforts.

In the event of app malfunction, users can escalate the issue by reporting violations directly to the police, who are tasked with filing complaints promptly. The introduction of 'MyCoast' aligns with broader government initiatives aimed at safeguarding shorelines and beaches following concerns raised by residents and tourists regarding restricted access due to commercial activities.

Minister Hatzidakis emphasised the app's role in fostering collaboration between citizens and the government to uphold the lawful operation of businesses along the coast. The 'MyCoast' app is currently available for download on the App Store and will soon be accessible via the Play Store.

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