Greek American siblings launch a cool new fashion brand

4 years ago

Adoniis collections is a lifestyle fashion brand, founded by three Greek American siblings that aspire to provide cool yet classic pieces of great quality designs for both men and women.  

Introducing twenty-four-year-old Anthony, who studied economics with a minor in art history, Lia a twenty-two-year-old who is currently studying elementary education and Nicholas an eighteen-year-old, studying business. The siblings have no experience or qualifications in fashion, yet these young entrepreneurs have passion and creativity which helped them create their own clothing line.

Anthony said that part of the inspiration to create the clothing brand came from the fact that throughout their lives, many people openly admired their fashion sense and personal style.

“Fashion is an individual expression of one’s self that was nurtured by our parents and grandparents. We all have a very European sense of style that is very hard to emulate in the United States. It is very difficult to find high-quality items at affordable prices. Creating this brand was an opportunity for the three of us to express our love for fashion and to provide the high quality that we want in our clothes to others,” says Anthony.

It is the European influence and classic style that makes Adoniis collection unique, setting it apart from other brands. The name also stands out and comes from a play on the Greek word ‘Anthony’, mythological for aesthetics and beauty. 

The sibling’s Greek heritage is at the heart of the company’s concept and their designs. Anthony says “Greek style can be described as minimal and effortless which we try to recreate in our collections. The Adoniis look is easy to create and unique to each person, the clothes flow together effortlessly and create a simple yet unique look.”

“It is through our parent’s Greek pride and Philotimo that we are so involved with our faith and heritage, and we would like to share a piece of it through this company” Anthony says. 

The graphics are all designed by Anthony, Lia and, Nicholas, who work in collaboration with a variety of US and European vendors. And although there are moments when they don’t always agree, they always work it out, making their parents proud of their achievements.

If Adoniis collections could have a celebrity spokesmodel, Anthony says that it would be either Ronnie Fieg, David Beckham, Idris Elba, Virgil Abloh, David Gandy or Tinie Tempah for men and Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski for women. 

Future plans for Adoniis Collections includes expanding to not just selling clothes, but also shoes, accessories, and home goods as well. 

Exclusive to GCT followers, their upcoming collections, Fall 18 will feature trendy and essential pieces including textured sweaters, dresses, parkas, top coats, and denim.

Even though the brand is not available internationally just yet, they are working on this huge venture, so watch this space!


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