Greek President and German President strive for a united Europe

steinmeier pavlopoulos

steinmeier pavlopoulos

Greece’s President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in an interview with 'Kathimerini' newspaper said that “when traditional allies drift away from us and withdraw from multilateral cooperation, our answer, more than ever, must be Europe."

"We must protect and, wherever possible, reinforce this united Europe. In other words, we have an obligation to do this that stems from our national and our common history," they underlined.

"We are also aware, however, that we will only manage to perform this task if the European idea of a liberal and democratic society that transcends national borders remains strong and convincing at its core - if it shows people once again that it will find answers to the most pressing problems of citizens in the European Union and that as a political system it can guarantee political order, security, prosperity and social justice, while at the same time taking decisive action to confront external threats. After all, the European Union can offer future generations bright prospects, all the more so because its destiny lies in the hands of these generations," the two presidents said.

"For this, the European Union needs efficient mechanisms for decision making, and strong instruments to implement their decisions. And we should recall what it was that helped the European Union achieve so much over the past decades: the foundation on which it was built, namely shared cultural and intellectual roots, and the solidarity of its members. Only then can the European Union continue to carry the torch of hope for a more just and peaceful world, just as it did for our generation. We both want to continue to do our part to support this prospect. It is up to us all to keep the European dream alive and attractive, for us and especially for our children and grandchildren," according to their article.