Election race is on as Tsipras asks President for dissolution of Parliament


Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visited the President of the Republic at the Presidential Mansion on Monday evening and formally requested the dissolution of Parliament and the call for general elections “in order to renew the public mandate.”

Tsipras justified his request to the President for snap elections prior to those scheduled in October at the end of his term, by saying that “since the European elections, there is a sense that Greece is in an extended campaign period of nearly four months, which I am obliged to see as introducing possible dangers for the Greek economy. Given that we have entered a normalcy cycle, this must under no circumstances be interrupted, as this would signal that the sacrifices and efforts of the Greek people are being threatened.”

The Greek PM added that “given these facts, and with a full sense of this responsibility, I am asking you for the dissolution of parliament and the calling of general elections, as foreseen by the constitution, and for the renewal of the public mandate.”

The Greek president accepted the request, citing article 41, paragraph 2 of the Greek constitution.