Athens at a standstill on Tuesday

STASY the Urban Rail Transportworkers' union

STASY the Urban Rail Transportworkers' union

Commuters and travelers to the Greek capital are advised that STASY the Urban Rail Transportworkers’ union, announced on Saturday a public transport strike for Tuesday 18 February.

The 24 hour strike will include buses, trolleys, tram and metro as their workers will participate in the strike against the new insurance bill.

STASY (Urban Rail Transport) workers’ union in its announcement said that “The government very quickly forgot its commitments for the abolition of Katrougalos law and proceeds to another attack by promoting a bill with continues, with small corrections, on the same philosophy and policy of the previous unacceptable law. The increase in pensions it has promised is only crumbs in comparison with the losses, particularly in the last decade” it said.

On their part the workers in trolley buses said among others, that the insurance bill “privatises the social security and pushes thousands of young workers to the private foreign capitals”.