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Monk arrested in Crete for trying to fly with a gun and bullets


A monk was arrested by authorities at Heraklion airport in Crete. According to eKriti, citing a police source, the monk was arrested because a pen-type weapon and three bullets were found during a search of his luggage.

The police handcuffed the monk, and according to the Cretan media outlet, the monk stated that he is from Mount Athos.

He is being brought before the Prosecutor.

In fact, the prosecutor wants the arrest of another monk who was to travel with the monk who was caught carrying the weapon.

Elsewhere in Crete, a man was accused of violating the Law on Weapons and fostering a criminal in Mylopotamos by police officers of the Mylopotamos Police Operations Department.

According to the local police, pointless shots were fired at the house of the man who was arrested during a party. After the police searched the house and the courtyard, weapons were found and confiscated.

The preliminary investigation is being carried out by the Mylopotamos Police Department, while the arrested person with the case against him will be taken to the Rethymnon Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In what appears to be a crime filled few days in Crete, two people were accused of violating the Law on Narcotics and were handcuffed in an area of ​​the Municipality of Mylopotamos by police officers.

After a search by police, they found and confiscated a quantity of cannabis weighing 30.1 grams, a small amount of cocaine and two improvised cigarettes containing cannabis mixed with tobacco.

The preliminary investigation is carried out by the Drug Prosecution Department of the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate.

Crete has always been a center of Greek criminality, from weapon crimes to narcotics, specifically the production of cannabis.

Often these trades are competed against by rival families that can often spill out in blood feuds known as vendettas.


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