Legendary actor Mickey Rourke finishes shooting ‘Man Of God’ in Greece

By 1 year ago
Image Credit: NDP Photo

American actor, screenwriter, and former boxer, Mickey Rourke has finished filming his scenes for the film ‘Man Of God’ in Greece.

Earlier this month, Rourke and Russian star Alexander Petrov arrived in Greece for the shooting.

‘Man of God’ will officially premiere in November 2020.

Producers are Alexandros Potter and Yelena Popovic through their company Simeon Entertainment and Kostas Lambropoulos through his company View Master Films.

‘Man of God’ is about the biography of St. Nectarios, who went through a series of trials throughout his life; He was unjustly exiled, slandered for no reason, endured the hatred of his enemies but he carried on preaching the Divine Word.

Rourke plays a paralysed man who is admitted to the same hospital room as Nektarios and who is cured after he touches Nektarios’ undershirt after the latter dies.

The film which is scheduled to finish filming on Monday, September 21, is being made in association with The Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, St. Maxim the Greek Institute and Eurogroup Ltd.

Ron Gell of Pure Flix/Quality Flix (faith-based production company), said, “This is a big film with award-winning talent. It’s exciting to be involved with this great script and we are confident that Yelena Popovic will deliver a wonderful film by year’s end. This is a story everyone can relate to, of humility, inspiration and devotion.”



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