More evidence of Christ’s Crucifixion? Bone and wood on nails possibly associated with Jesus is found


Another great discovery about the mystery of the Crucifixion of Christ was made by archaeologists in Jerusalem, Proto Thema reported.

Traces of bone and wood have been found on nails allegedly associated with the crucifixion and dates to the same period of Jesus Christ.

The nails were reportedly discovered in Jerusalem in 1990, in a cave tomb belonging to Caiaphas, the Jewish high priest who, according to the Gospels, led Jesus to his death . They were lost at some point, but in a 2011 documentary titled “Nails Of The Cross”, director Simcha Jacobovici said he had recovered the ancient relics..

According to a new study, embedded fragments of bone and wood dating back thousands of years were found in the nails believed to be associated with the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The author of the publication Dr. Aryeh Shimron revealed that the traces found on the nails are the same as those found in the cave of Caiaphas, a fact that was confirmed after chemical analysis.

ChristThe researcher added that pieces of wood are contained in the rusty nails, as well as bone fragments, which proves that it is not an artificial attachment to them.


He also stated that these nails were able to fasten a human hand to a wooden cross. However, archaeologists are not able to confirm whether the nails are directly related to the Cross of Jesus Christ or not.

“Within the rust and sediment attached to the nails, we also identified and photographed a number of microscopic fragments of bone,” Shimron said. “I believe that the scientific evidence that the nails were used to crucify somebody is indeed powerful.”

The two nails were found in the cave of Caiaphas in the Peace Forest of Jerusalem. One was found in oneossuary, which bears the name of Caiaphas and the other in a second ossuary without inscription.

The fragments appeared for the first time after a 1990 excavation of a burial site of Caiaphas, the high priest who organized a plot to kill Jesus according to the New Testament.

The excavation was by Israeli filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici.

“If you look at the whole story – historical, textual, archaeological – they all seem to point at these two nails being involved in a crucifixion,” Jacobovici said. “And since Caiaphas is only associated with Jesus’s crucifixion, you put two and two together and they seem to imply that these are the nails.”