International human trafficking network dismantled in central Athens

human trafficking network.

The police arrested eight people for being members of a human tracking network in the wider area of ​​Omonia and Agios Panteleimon in central Athens.

The leading member of the human trafficking ring was known to the international authorities, as a European Arrest Warrant was pending against him by the German authorities.

The foreign gang leader was arrested along with five other for forgery and other crimes.

International human trafficking network dismantled in central Athens 1
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Two other people were arrested because they did not have legal residence documents in the country.

The following is the detailed press release of the Police :

They were arrested last Tuesday by police officers of the Immigration Management Department of the Attica Directorate of Foreigners

Of the eight foreigners, one had a pending European Arrest Warrant from the German authorities, accused of being a leading member of a network that coordinated and organized movements of illegal immigrants.

Five foreigners were arrested for forgery, acceptance and disposal of proceeds of crime, and for possession of travel documents of third parties and securing accommodation to hide and facilitate transportation.

Two foreigners were arrested because they lacked legal documents to stay in the country.

After investigating the activity of the criminal network, members of the gang were identified and their criminal activity was certified from at least from 2019.

Furthermore, their involvement in seven cases involved at least ten immigrants was verified, obtaining from each case about 5,000 euros.

According to the research, the members of the network were active in Greece and Germany, having distinct roles, structure and hierarchy.

The gang also maintained at least two houses in Athens, which were used as safe houses for immigrants.

With the conclusion of a deal, the migrants were temporarily hidden in these houses, until their further movement was organized, ie the supply or use of fake travel as well as the issuance of the relevant airline tickets.

human trafficking network.

Then, a member of the member traveled from Germany to Greece in order to accompany the migrants to their final destination.

From the searches in houses in Omonia and Agios Panteleimon, the amount of 45,000 euros, travel documents (passports and IDs), boarding pass cards, photos, computers and mobile phones were found and confiscated.