‘Casa Odyssia’ in Corfu overlooks the Ionian Sea

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In the northeastern part of Corfu, one finds an impressive house that overlooks the Ionian Sea.

‘Casa Odyssia’ is a leisure residence that aims to host its visitor, as a modern Odysseus.

It is the work of architect Konstantinos Stathopoulos from KRAK Architects.

The house which sits on a hillside at an altitude of 250 meters, is structured around lush greenery of olive and cypress trees.

The overall design builds upon a central pillar and expands south-east for breathtaking views of the horizon and the sea.

Casa Odyssia boasts contemporary modern architecture that makes use of natural settings in its design and construction.

Not to mention the swimming pool overlooks the Ionian Sea.

This place is truly a wonder and a good destination for rest and meditation.

*All images Credit: KRAK Architects

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Greek CIty Times 2021