New trailer released for ‘King Otto' (VIDEO)

New trailer released for ‘King Otto'

New trailer released for ‘King Otto'

Umbrella Entertainment has released a new trailer for 'King Otto'.

Set to release on May 27 this year, 'King Otto' is an incredible documentary about outsiders who defy seemingly insurmountable odds and reignite a shared sense of national pride.

The official summary of the film reads:

“In the summer of 2004, audiences looked on in disbelief as they witnessed one of the greatest sporting underdog stories of all time. Greece – a country that had never won a single match or even scored a goal in a tournament – overthrew the giants of world football to win the 2004 European Championship overcoming odds of 300:1. At the heart of this victory was legendary German football coach "King" Otto Rehhagel who prioritised strategy, discipline and respect above all else. After achieving major success in Germany, he made the bold decision to leave all he knew behind to transform the underperforming team into champions, despite not speaking a word of Greek.”

The film is directed by Christopher André Marks (Tiger Hood, 2015) and produced by Shani Hinton (Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love, 2019).

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