Top Five Pizza Shops in Athens

La bella Napoli pizza Neos Kosmos

It is certainly unusual to find somebody who does not love pizza, and despite all the delicious Greek food to be found in Athens, the Greek capital is no exception in loving the Naples speciality.

These are five of the best pizza shops in Athens compiled by Olive Magazine.

La bella Napoli

Naples-born Marco Zenaboni opened his shop in Neos Kosmos six years ago.

He faithfully follows the tradition of his homeland in the dough: Italian flour, water, salt, a little yeast and 36 hours of fermentation.

In this way it becomes more digestible, fluffy and where it should be, that is, crispy at the edges.

A favourite is the Four Cheese, Diavoletta with the hot salami, and Manco li cani garnished with gorgonzola and basil.

Roubesi 64, Neos Kosmos, tel. 211 1150602


It is hidden in a small, narrow pedestrian street parallel to Pericles Street.

There Kyriakos Liodakis kneads thin, delicious pizzas as they do in Naples.

The dough he makes consists only of yeast, flour and water.

His secret is that he rests for 48 hours before being adorned with materials coming from either Italy or from small Greek producers.

The menu includes 11 different pizzas, including Piccante with hot salami and Bianca with bourata, parmesan, garlic, fresh basil, oil and black pepper.

Perikelous 18 Athens, tel. 210 3226542



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In this pizzeria, the yeast they use to make the dough is 52 years old!

They enrich it with flour of high nutritional value and water.

Kentrina's pizzas, although abundant with many ingredients, are not heavy at all.

Cicciolina with sausage from Drama, 'nduja, crispy onion flakes, smoked boukovo Florin and mozzarella is delicious.

Negroni is also interesting with gorgonzola, speck, green apple, honey, black sesame and fennel marinated in orange juice, but also the vegan version with grilled vegetables (colorful peppers, eggplant, zucchini, onion), raisins, raisins and mint oil is delicious.

Lykourgou 2, Chalandri, tel. 210 6721129

Lollo's Atene


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Plain and simple, their Strega with mozzarella, pumpkin puree, guanciale, gorgonzola, as well as Nduja di Spilinga with the creamy spicy salami, is absolute perfection.


In Agia Paraskevi high up, there is a shop with a beautiful mosaic oven.

Delicious crispy oval pizzas that are very enjoyable to eat comes from this beautiful oven.

Responsible for them is Nikos Dimitrokalis.

The simple but delicious Margarita stands out, as does Pistacchio, with mortadella, mozzarella, gorgonzola and pistachio pesto.

St. Ioannou 82, Agia Paraskevi, tel. 210 6000646

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