The viral receipt from Mykonos: Greek-Spanish group left a tip of over €3,000!

Mykonos receipt

Usually the bills in Mykonos become known for negative reasons, and not unjustly since one can pay €25 for a souvlaki or €50 for a beer.

This time, however, ANT1 brought to light a positive story from the “Island of Winds”.

As it was said, a group of Spaniards and Greeks visited a beach shop on the Cycladic island to eat and as it appears from what they ordered, they did it with their souls.

The menu included grouper, scorpionfish and lobsters, with the final amount reaching €14,829. An amount too large for most, but not for the specific company that obviously had the financial comfort.

In fact, they were so satisfied that they left the corresponding tip, which was not limited to the standard 10% of the account valid abroad, but much more.

To be precise, the tip left was €3,171.

Mykonos has hit international headlines for its scams.

It is recalled that earlier this month, an American tourist was charged €600 for two drinks and a plate of crab legs.

Brenda Moulton and her daughter Kaylea went to the DK Oyster Bear on Platis Gialos Beach on the Greek island of Mykonos, where they each enjoyed a margarita and a plate of crab legs.

Platis Gialos, and Mykonos in general, is known as a luxurious area, with many bars and restaurants that charge a steep price for their goods.

The two tourists were then slapped with a bill of about €520.80, for the drinks and food, and a mandatory €80 tip. She also claimed that employees at the restaurant accosted the mother and daughter to enter the restaurant in the first place.

“An employee of one of the restaurants in Platis Gialos jumped in front of us and started saying persistently: ‘Sit here! Sit here!’” Moulton stated in speaking to Proto Thema, a Greek newspaper.

Moulton, stunned at the price of the snack and drinks, refused to pay the bill. According to the American tourist, the employees then harassed her and claimed that she wouldn’t be able to leave the island if she didn’t pay.

“He then told me, verbatim: ‘I will call the police. They will keep you here and you will not return to your homeland. We can easily find where you live,’” she stated.

Frightened by the behaviour of staff at the restaurant, the tourists paid the large bill but decided to stand outside of the establishment and warn passersby about what they considered to be a scam. They then claimed that the owner of the restaurant came out and threatened them again.

Moulton and her daughter are now taking legal action against the restaurant.

This is not the first time that the DK Oyster Bar on Mykonos has been the subject of controversy regarding massive bills. Reviews on travel sites are full of claims of scams at the restaurant.

“I went to this place on a family vacation and was left HORRIFIED and RIPPED OFF!
I asked several times for the prices, the waiters kept telling me it was ‘cheap’ and not to worry. The bill was over 400 euros for a couple of badly made drinks. The waiters and staff are extremely intimidating, especially when we questioned the bill. These people are a bunch of scam artists,” one user wrote.

“We were lured in to dine at their restaurant by friendly (pushy) waiters, offering us comfort in the sun. We were then pushed into ordering food from menus without prices but the waiters seemed so energetic/smiling/impatient that we felt obliged not to be a nuisance,” it was written in another review.

Long story short, we (a family of 6) paid almost as much for this ONE meal of our vacation as we did for our entire hotel stay of 5 days,” another wrote.

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