Mykonos: German-Turkish former boxer arrested for sparking wild fight at beach bar - See video

Mykonos fight

A German-born former boxer of Turkish origin has been arrested by Mykonos police for allegedly sparking a wild fight that took place at noon on Sunday at a beach bar on Paraga beach.

According to Proto Thema, not only was the former professional boxer arrested, but also two of his friends.

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What happened:

Three people caused a big commotion at noon on Sunday at a beach restaurant at Parga, which quickly resulted in a fight.

According to a version given by eyewitnesses, the commotion probably started when these three people, who were allegedly intoxicated, started harassing the members of another group for an unknown reason.

Within seconds a fight broke out, with punches and kicks being exchanged on both sides.

Video of the fight:

In fact, the perpetrators of the fight - who are Germans of Turkish origin, one of whom was a professional boxer - also beat members of the store's staff who had run to separate the two sides.

Eventually the managers of the business stopped the fight and gave first aid to those who had been injured, fortunately only slightly.

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