Boris Johnson met with Costas Milonas - "Simple man, we drank our ouzos"

Boris Johnson Kostas Mylonas

The presenter of the legendary show "The children of the night" and music producer, Costas Milonas, met with Boris Johnson, during the vacation that the outgoing Prime Minister of Britain is having in Evia.

About this meeting, Milonas himself informed followers with a post on Instagram, saying that the two men... drank their ouzos.

According to what he wrote "Simple man, we drank our ouzos...".

See the post:

Despite the strong criticism from Great Britain, Boris Johnson holidays in Greece, specifically in Karystos, where he has been with his family for the last few days and remains unconcerned.

The Johnsons' trip to Greece - their second holiday abroad in as many weeks - comes after their trip to Slovenia for a belated honeymoon.

Locals were surprised by the Johnsons' choice of sunbathing spot, describing the Prime Minister's demeanor as cool as he read a book in the hot sun while his son paddled in the water nearby.

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