Murder in Larissa: Pakistani partner of dead woman found in basement is missing and the main suspect

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Police investigations are focused on the Pakistani partner of the 35-year-old woman who was found dead in the basement of an apartment building on Papanastasiou Street in Larissa.

The man is considered the main suspect and is missing, reported Larissa Net, while another element of the case that police find is important is the wound that the 35-year-old woman suffered on the head.

The chronicle of the murder

On a mattress in a small room in the basement of an apartment building on Papanastasiou Street in Larissa, the body of a 35-year-old woman was found on Thursday.

The owner of a nearby store arrived at the scene first to check the source of the stench emanating from the apartment. As soon as he entered the basement, he saw the woman wrapped in a blanket and then he notified the police.

Police forces went to the scene where, according to the first results of the forensic examination, the woman had a major head injury.

This morning, officers from the Department of Criminal Investigations and Larissa Security arrived at the scene of the crime. From the Police investigation, according to preliminary details released, it appears that the main suspect is her partner – a Pakistani national.

He has disappeared and is now being sought by the police.

According to the testimonies of the neighbours, the woman had complained to police in the past about her partner.

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