Pyx Lax rock Sydney on their first performance of Australian tour


Greece's largest selling band Pyx Lax rocked the Enmore Theatre in Sydney on the first performance of their Australian tour which happens to be their first ever in the land Down Under.

The band didn't disappoint the packed auditorium, playing their timeless classics to an enthusiastic crowd that was singing and cheering along.

In their time, Pyx Lax were considered to be one of the most popular bands in Greece. Sotiria Malfa, a Greek critic wrote that "The stamp of Pyx Lax on Greek music of the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 00s is something more than profound."

The band has been recognized for both their longevity and the number of records they sold, as well as "the unique feeling which was created between Pyx Lax and their beloved public."

Testament to their greatness is the multitude of Pyx Lax tribute bands around the world.

Pyx Lax is more than just an influential band, it's the soul, the emotion, and the voice of a generation, who seamlessly move between Rock, Traditional and Folk music whilst giving new life to the generations before them.

With over 20 million CD sales and the biggest grossing concert tour in Greek history, Pyx Lax bring to Australian capital cities a concert of epic proportions.

The song list is too huge to mention, their energy is too powerful to ignore, and their stage presence is too eclectic to disregard.

They are simply PYX LAX.


Thebarton Theatre Adelaide
FRI 16th September 2022

Palais Theatre St Kilda , Melbourne
SAT 17th September 2022

SNAPSHOTS FROM SYDNEY CONCERT: (Photography courtesy of Nick Bourdouniotis)1




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