MINOTAUR: Greek laser system can shoot down Turkish drones, says inventor (VIDEO)

Greek Minotaur robotic laser system anti-drone anti-uav

There is little doubt that Turkish drones have become famous worldwide for their role in the Syrian, Ukrainian and Libyan wars, which has prompted the invention of a Greek robotic laser system to deal with the threat.

“Our vision is to give every country the power to defend against potential threats”. This is the motto of entrepreneur and inventor of high-tech robotic systems, Konstantinos Soukos, who has reportedly developed a laser system that can even shoot down drones.

Counting four decades in the defence industry and being certified by the US Army, Mr Soukos told Proto Thema that with one of his latest ventures, which has advanced blinding and stealth technology, Turkish drones could be targeted.

The “Minotaur” is a large robotic unmanned ground vehicle that supports defence missions, such as protecting threatened terrain and deterring enemy forces.

His company focuses on offering future generations a secure environment. One of the latest innovative programmes involves Helw technology, a laser system that can protect areas of strategic interest against drones, missiles, and ships.

At a time when many weapons systems are being sent from the West to Ukraine, Mr Soukos has also cooperated with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

Among its main projects is the autonomous energy production system that covers requirements when connecting to the electricity grid is impossible.

Drawing inspiration from ancient Greek history and mythology, Mr Soukos has named his works accordingly, such as “Knossos”, a manufacturing unit of artificial building materials.

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