Effectively Managing Fire Risks: Progress in Rhodes, Corfu, and Magnesia

Rhodes fire july 2023 state of emergency

Throughout the night, residents of Rhodes, Corfu, and Magnesia experienced a peaceful period, free from any significant issues. However, this does not mean that there is a sense of complacency. The entire state mechanism remains highly vigilant, recognizing the persistent risk of potential rekindling.

According to reliable sources from the Fire Department, there are currently no active fire fronts. In the event of any rekindling, authorities are promptly and effectively addressing the situation, thanks to the presence of strong firefighting forces in the affected areas.

Although there were instances of fires reigniting in specific regions of Rhodes, such as Vati, Profylia - Gennadi - Lardo, immediate containment efforts prevented any serious consequences.

Simultaneously, there were also minor outbreaks of fires in rural parts of Volos. However, these were quickly extinguished through the coordinated efforts of ground forces, bolstered by the assistance of seven aerial units.

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