SCAM ALERT: Acropolis "Skip the line" entrance tickets are not real

acropolis crowds

The Organization for the Management and Development of Cultural Resources, wanting to protect visitors to the archaeological site of the Acropolis from misleading online advertisements, notified the public that it is not possible to purchase a ticket that skips the waiting line ("Skip the line" service).

"This particular service cannot be applied to the Archaeological Site of the Acropolis due to the hill's particular geomorphology and the monument's nature. Even if visitors bypass the wait at the entrance, they will soon encounter a queue in the monument's Propylaea, where the entrance width is reduced. Therefore, any advertisement of a 'skip the line' service is a deception to the public," the announcement points out.

The Organization for the Management and Development of Cultural Resources invites visitors not to be fooled by publications that promise false services while at the same time they notified that the only official online portal for buying tickets for the Acropolis is (Hellenic Heritage e-ticket).

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