Fire in Parnitha: Smoke covers the sky of Athens - See photos and videos

Acropolis smoke august 23 2023 Parnitha

The fire that started yesterday morning from Fyli has reached Parnitha on the outskirts of Athens, covering the Greek capital with smoke.

The fiery front, which erupted yesterday near the Kleiston Monastery, has expanded and is climbing the slope of Parnitha. The winds have not died down, with gusts capable of fanning the tongues of fire and strengthening the front. Firefighters are waiting for the wind to help avoid the worst-case scenario.

In many areas of Athens, it smells of burning, while the smoke has covered even the Acropolis, indicative of the size of the fire moving on the slopes of Mount Parnitha.

Watch the video from the front of Mount Parnitha that has covered Athens in smoke:

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Since last night, a video circulating on social networks showed the thick smoke covering the Acropolis and remaining until the evening hours, as well as Mount Parnitha, red from the flames, in the background. The video is of Aris Messini, head of AFP.

The smoke from the fire that broke out yesterday in Fyli and spread quickly has covered the sky in many areas of Attica, creating a suffocating atmosphere. The National Observatory of Athens even recommends caution, stressing:

"As predicted by the YPATIA operational unit of the IEPBA Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, air quality throughout the Attica Basin is gradually burdened by an increase in PM2.5 suspended particle concentrations, especially in peripheral areas sections of Western Athens and Piraeus.

In particularly burdened areas, it is recommended for vulnerable groups of the population (elderly, small children, people with cardiorespiratory diseases) to stay indoors, with closed windows.

You can monitor the air quality here:, where the measurement data is visualised on an hourly basis".

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