Netflix should look at this Greek live action Pokémon series


If there was something we didn't expect to see, it was a live-action Pokémon series in Greek that perhaps should make Netflix reconsider their current plans.

We are in Pallet Township, several years after Ash Ketchum won the world championship. The most famous "pocket monster" trainer is now an adult and everything around him has changed. Something strange happened in the town he grew up in, with all the Pokémon mysteriously disappearing.

This is more or less the pilot of the new live-action series filmed in Greek. After the success of One Piece, a group of Greeks, Drogos CardGames, decided to turn our favourite childhood story into a live-action series on Netflix.

With an original script but with all the main characters like Professor Oak, Ash Ketchum and Team Rocket starring, The Very Best, as it is titled, has already surpassed 10 thousand views on YouTube.

Watch the video:

The work of the Greek team is quite interesting, which can be seen from the derogatory comments that the pilot of the new series has received. Of course, most people are already asking for the second episode, and it remains to be seen when their wish will come true.

However, as has already been known, Netflix is ​​also preparing a live-action series dedicated to the Japanese animation, which will be released in 2024. But we did it first...

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