Cyprus: Young Arabs attack Israelis in Larnaca (VIDEO)


The Cypriot police arrested a 16-year-old minor and are still looking for three of his friends, all Arabic speakers, who last night attacked in Larnaca an Israeli who was putting up posters of those kidnapped by Hamas.

The 49-year-old Israeli was putting up posters with two other friends when they noticed four people approaching them in a threatening manner. As reported to the police, the four young men spoke Arabic.

According to the complaint, one pushed the 49-year-old while another stole his bag containing the posters. They threw something at him, but without injuring him, Proto Thema reported.

The Cypriot police located the 16-year-old, arrested him, and are looking for the other three.

Four Syrians are again under interrogation.

Meanwhile, the Cypriot Police continue interrogating the four Syrians they arrested on Saturday near the Nicosia embassy in Israel. They are two 21-year-olds, a 20-year-old and a 17-year-old.

The four were spotted moving suspiciously in the area after a low-power explosion 30 metres from the Israeli embassy. Two knives were found in their possession, and they were arrested for this crime.

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