Beleri: The rule of law does not function in Albania

Fredi Beleri Albania

Elected mayor of Himare Fredi Beleri, who remains jailed on remand in a Durres prison since May, said in an interview with SKAI radio on Tuesday that "the rule of law does not function in Albania".

Beleri said that on December 4, after six months of inaction, there will be an examination of his petition to the special court on whether he can be sworn in as mayor, an office to which he was elected, while he noted that the law is clear on this point.

"When someone has not been convicted and there is no final court ruling, he can be sworn in," he stated, adding that two other mayors facing the same charges as him have assumed their duties, even though there are videos and eyewitness testimonies in those two cases. "One sole witness admitted to receiving 7,000 euros, while the chief of Himare police was promoted," he also added.

Beleri referred to the political scene in Albania stating the the "main opposition can't perform its duties in parliament" and that "there is a witch hunt on the government's side. Anyone who is not to the liking of Edi Rama may be prosecuted at any time. There is no equality in Albania".

He also claimed that "Rama does other countries favours in order to be thought modern and a Europhile when one million Albanians have left the country," while calling the Albanian Prime Minister "a spoiled boy".

"Many Albanian media support Greece's position. Those who support Rama are few and directed", Beleri said in his interview, noting that he is well, is innocent of the charges against him and is touched by the love people have expressed, not only in Himare but also from Greece.


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