Arrested Teen Provides Testimony in Serious Injury of Police Officer Incident

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According to the testimony given by the 18-year-old who was arrested, he allegedly received instructions before the incidents outside the closed "Melina Mercouri" stadium, which resulted in the serious injury of a 31-year-old police officer.

The young man, who admitted to launching a naval flare against the riot police outside the stadium, claimed that he received instructions from a person around 35-40 years old, who the police believe has also been involved in other incidents.

In his statement, the 18-year-old said that the man told them to go outside and attack the police officers. He provided them with weapons and naval flares that were located outside the stadium.

"I didn't know how to use it and he showed me in that moment," he said.

Although the arrested person stated that he did not see the face of his guide because they were wearing a mask, the police do not believe his claims. The young man described the man's clothing to the police, and authorities are reviewing stadium footage to identify him.

It has been reported that the 18-year-old obtained tickets from the association and was instructed to participate in incidents and attacks on police officers.

The 18-year-old allegedly described how he threw the flare, which struck the 31-year-old policeman who is now in critical condition. He said, "I wanted to shoot it upwards, but due to the recoil, the flare went down, spun, and hit the officer in the leg. He was 20-30 meters away from me. I saw him kneeling and other policemen running towards him. I could see the fire on his leg."

The young man expressed shock at the situation and informed his younger brother, his friend, and another individual after the incident. He also told his older brother and sister-in-law when he returned home. Upon learning about the seriousness of the policeman's injuries, he was shocked and went to the church of Agios Kyprianos to light a candle for the officer's recovery.

The teen was charged with Attempted Murder and numerous other charges.


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