Erdoğan: AKP's Istanbul candidate made the Turkish president furious with 2 minute wait

artvin adayi gecikince erdogan b

Politically, the interest in yesterday's ceremony of the announcement of the ruling party's mayoral candidates by the Turkish president was focused on his choice for Istanbul. However, the selection caused a debate in Turkey.

The video shows that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced from a microphone that the Justice and Development's (AKP) Party's first choice was Mehmet Kocatepe from Artvin.

However, despite Erdoğan's announcement, Mr. Kocatepe was... absent. So, the president of Turkey called him from the podium for the second time.

It finally took nearly two minutes for Kocatepe, whom Erdoğan's aides carried almost head-to-head to the Turkish president, whose irritation was palpable, to appear.

Watch the video:

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