Three dead after speed boat & tourist vessel collide in Aegina

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Tragedy strikes in Aegina, a day after Dekapentavgousto (August 15th) as three people have been confirmed dead and another three are in serious condition after a speedboat collided with a tourist vessel off the coast of Athens. A search-and-rescue operation is now under way and they are hoping there are no more fatalities.

Greek coastguards said there were between 15-20 people on board the tourist boat, which was transporting people from Aegina to a beach on the nearby islet of Moni, for a day swim. It is still not known how many people were on the speedboat.

The coastguard said a number of people had been rescued and it was now focusing on finding more survivors. It did not disclose the number of those rescued or how the accident occurred.

According to media reports from Greece's Mega channel, the island is now in a state of panic and people are getting off their boats in shock after what has occurred. They are currently investigating and we will bring you more information as it comes to hand.

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