FYROM will enter Europe only after name dispute is resolved: Greek FM

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Greece's foreign minister Nikos Kotzias declared on Thursday in Skopje that Greece will support FYROMs entry into the European Union only once the two countries have resolved the name issue.

Kotzias made the statements during a speech at a conference to FYROM ambassadors after having received an invitation from his counterpart Nikola Popovski.

“Greece and FYROM ought to live together in peace, cooperation and prosperity. If and when the name issue is resolved and all types of irredentism are defeated, the two countries will march along the EU road. Greece will become the supporter and facilitator of such a course,” Kotzias said.

“We want to believe that irredentism will be overcome as, in our opinion, doesn’t help anywhere and is not supported by historical or current realities.”

After their meetings Kotzias and Poposki said that the confidence-building measures (CBMs) have boosted bilateral relations.

Both ministers clarified that CBMs are in no way connected to the name issue, but noted that they contribute significantly in improving relations and creating a sense of mutual trust.

Kotzias said the two ministers also discussed the construction of an oil pipeline first, and a gas pipeline at a later stage, which would connect Thessaloniki’s port with Skopje and stressed the importance of upgrading the railway line between Florina and Bitola.

The two men agreed to cooperate more closely on economic matters and find ways to take on joint projects with EU funding.

Poposki referred to his country's exclusion from the EU and NATO citing the name dispute as the reason for this but was hopeful of a resolution on the matter and closer bilateral relations with Greece.

“We have our differences, which are known, but we have to work in a framework that will change the two countries’ approach.”

He said his country wants to feel Greece as a partner and not as a country that doesn’t want FYROM to exist, as it believes today.

“We want to chart our future in cooperation with our neighbours. We want to choose our destiny and not to wait with folded arms,” he said.

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  1. They have a cheek those Skops .They are accusing Greece as being the Agressers and thieves .Are these people for real