St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to re-open in 2018


15 years ago today, the world was devastated and shocked when the World Trade Center Towers in the centre of New York came under terrorist attack, killing thousands of innocent victims.

The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church building was also destroyed during the September 11 terrorist attacks, the church was destroyed when the South Tower collapsed on top of it. It was the only building not part of the World Trade Center complex that was completely destroyed due to the attacks.

Now 15 years on, the Greek Orthodox Church is building a national interfaith shrine to commemorate the attacks. Hoping to be completed by early 2018, the new church will serve as a place of worship and remembrance. The rebuilding effort is led by Archbishop Demetrios, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

“This church will not be just a national shrine, but also an international shrine. It will show the will of all people to rebuild and resurrect from the ashes of 9/11. This will be a church for all to light a candle for the beloved that were lost on September 11th. This church will be a Greek Orthodox National Shrine on Hallowed, Sacred Ground,” says Archbishop Demetrios.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.