Hellsoc's Toga Party

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The rain and cold weather, on the second day of spring didn't stop people from attending Hellsoc’s Toga Party on Friday 2nd September at the Ox, in Sydney's Darlinghurst.

Hellsoc is the Greek Society at the University of New South Wales.

This is the second year Hellsoc has hosted a 'Toga Party', giving uni students an excuse to strip the sheets of their bed, create a toga with them and party the night away as they dressed up as Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece.


The night featured DJ’s PARO, SAMMI &DIMI and GREX. The music had everyone’s feet and body moving, with great tunes keeping everyone on the dance floor all night.

Of course it wouldn’t of been a Greek Toga Party without Greek music. The crowd went wild with the greek songs, the Kalamatiano and Zembekiko, that some Toga outfits started to fall apart as people were dancing and enjoying themselves too much.

The night was enjoyed by all, as the crowd danced all night and into the early hours of the morning, when unfortunately the music had to stop.


Hopefully everyone made their beds nicely after returning home from the toga party with their bed sheets.

The successful Toga Party was the last event organised by the 2016 Hellsoc committee under the president of Leonidas Andrew.

*Images by Rocky Photography