Major backlash after 84 year old Voutsas appears on TV with his baby boy

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Famous Greek actor Kostas Voutsas, aged 84 and his 38-year-old wife, actress Aliki Katsavou have faced major backlash on social media after being filmed at home with their baby boy Fivas.

They appeared on Star Television’s lifestyle program hosted by Zina Koutselini, who went inside the couple’s home to interview them. This was the first time they had made an appearance with their baby boy on television since his birth.

Koutselini uploaded a snippet of footage from the interview on her Facebook page and received major criticism and negative remarks about Voutsas becoming a father again at the age of 84. He has 4 other children from a previous marriage and this is the first for his wife Katsavou, whom he has a 47 year age gap with.

During the interview Katsavou said that when the baby cries, his father is the one who calms him down and also falls asleep while his dad sings him lullabies.

The couple were upset by the negative feedback and host Koutselini went as far as deleting most of the comments from the post.

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