All work and no play costs Greek tourism

All work and no play costs Greek tourism 1


The latest data from Greece’s statistical authority ELSTAT, indicates that Greeks took shorter vacations in 2015 costing local tourism close to 120 million euros in lost revenue.

According to the findings, the number of trips were down by 8.2 percent to 5.81 million last year with the number of people traveling reduced by 4.6 percent to 3.48 million. Meanwhile, overnight stays fell by 10.2 percent to 57.44 million and spending came to 1.71 billion euros, down by 6.6 percent, against 2014. Of the total number of trips, 93.8 percent were for personal reasons and 6.2 percent for business.

Greeks cite increased tax and other obligations as the reason for cutting their holidays short, with the largest reduction marked among those aged 25-44, who made 11.9 percent fewer trips in 2015 and spent 14.6 percent less compared to 2014.

The majority of holidaymakers travelled by road or sea, still down by 10.4 percent and 9.8 percent respectively in 2015 against the previous year.