Illegal immigrants loot local stores and destroy migrant centre


Greek police on the island of Chios have arrested more than 30 immigrants on charges of looting local stores, rioting and the destruction of the migrant reception centre which hold some 1,000 migrants.

It is alleged that migrants looted two local stores, stealing liquor and firework and later let off the fireworks close to the camp, startling nearby residents.

Authorities also claim a group of around 100 migrants set up a roadblock near the reception centre and started throwing stones and fireworks at nearby police units.

Riot police officers responded by raiding the premises. It was the third time in the past month that rioting, and fires, have damaged the centre. Last week many of the tents in the centre were flooded following heavy rain.

Meanwhile the Mayor of Chios Mr Manolis Vournous repeated his plea to the Greek government to have the migrant centre shut down.

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